Who We Are…

TourMyRealEstate.com is a brand new (and already quickly growing) place where real estate agents can host High-Definition virtual tours of their listings.

Currently servicing Upstate NY & NE PA, we are armed with a network quality HD camera and a fuel-efficient vehicle. We rapidly deliver professional-quality videos at affordable prices.

TourMyRealEstate.com’s videos can be embedded in your Multiple Listings Service listing page, your own website, and sent in emails all over the world! Your Virtual Tour is hosted here as long as your listing is active, so it’s never a problem to get that Re-Lo family from Borneo a comprehensive look at a new home 36 hours before the listing expires.

By now you’ve seen the examples of our work (actually, they’re not examples, those are current listings being seen by prospective buyers from California to Cape Cod), if you’re ready to make your listing stand out, as well as help YOU stand out to prospective clients, just contact us…

Email: RiverviewMultimedia@gmail.com (attn: TourMyRealEstate) or call 607.206.0218 [gasp! A REAL phone number...].


Q:   Ok, so WHERE do these tours go?

A:  Many, if not all, Multiple Listings Services allow links to be placed in your listing to a “Virtual Tour.” These are seen and clicked on by home-buyers when looking for a property. Also, these links get pushed through to OTHER sites such as Trulia.com, Realtor.com, and most brokerage sites.

For instance, let’s say there’s a tour for “1234 Awesome St, Anytown USA – Listed by Totally Gnarly Realty.” With today’s technology, I can view the tour of 1234 Awesome St on the Greater Anytown MLS, Totally Gnarly Realty’s website, Realtor.com’s listings in Anytown, and even a competing brokerage’s site (let’s call them “Nifty Galifty Real Estate”).

When we produce a tour for you, we upload the video to YouTube.com, then post it to our site here, then send you a link to put in your listing. When a person clicks on the Virtual Tour link in whatever website they’re on, it instantly takes them to your listing’s page here on TourMyRealEstate.com.

Q: Why do you first post them to YouTube?

A: Because they are the most friendly and ready-made site for High-Definition video proliferation. I could go into a TON of geeky tech talk, but the short version is, it just works best and causes the least hassle.

Q: Can I post these on Facebook?

A: yes…but aren’t you most interested now in pricing and such…


A: OK, OK…Yes, that goes back to why we use YouTube as the base host…very easy to embed in other places…

Q: Why don’t any of the video tours have agent/brokerage branding within them?

A: Because most (if not all) MLSs don’t allow specific branding within the MLS listings. It goes back to the logistics of keeping leads and agent deals fair. That doesn’t hinder the effectiveness of TourMyRealEstate.com, because anyone who sees the tour on this site has clicked through your listing to get here.

Q: Ok, this one guy down the hall has this software that takes still pictures and magically turns them into MOVING pictures that ZOOM. Why should I call you?

A: Because zooming into a still picture doesn’t make it any clearer. Clients can click on all the stills you have on the listing, do they really want to sit there and watch them slowly moving for 2 minutes? No, they want to see a live camera movement that gives them perspective of space, detail in that hard-wood staircase, and the natural light shimmering off of those granite counters.

Q: Yes, I want it! Please come and make my listing into a Virtual Tour of radiance! What happens now?

A: It only takes about 30 minutes of on-site time to film. Someone (preferably the agent) must be there to meet the videographer and unlock the house. We try to avoid direct interaction with homeowners, as we believe they should channel all questions through their agents, however we understand in the business of Real Estate sometimes the owner is the only one there to let you in.  Then, the tour is then usually up no later than 3 business days…

Q: ..but wait, you’re based in Binghamton, NY, you’re really going to drive to Geneva to tape one house? That must be expensive…for me.

A: This is where we’re able to bring the price down to a level of affordability. When we come to your market we like to have several Virtual Tours booked. Being that they only take 30-45 minutes of on-site time, we can zip-zip-zip to many in even one morning. Thankfully, the world of real estate is mostly made up of offices full of agents, colleagues you work and broker deals with every day. Get them on board too! If you’d like we can schedule an in-person presentation at your office. Just call 607.206.0218 and ask for James.

Q: I have 38 listings. I’d like at least 10 of them filmed. Can you do tha…

A: I’m already on the way!

Q: I have a $6m gated compound with a 10k square f00t, 8BR, 6BA home on 15 acres full of opulently trimmed shrubs that look like dolphins. Can I contract a custom job?

A: Absolutely.

Q: I have student rentals out the wazoo…

A:…we do rentals too.

Q: Ok. What is the pricing structure for Virtual Tours?
A: Call 607.206.0218 or email RiverviewMultimedia@gmail.com.